Dinner Chateau Beirut, Gothenburg


The first item on the agenda for the meetup was drinks at Kim’s followed by dinner at Lebanese Chateau Beirut on the Friday evening.

We all had a set meze menu with twelve different dishes, some of them real classics like hummus, stuffed vine leaves and baba ganoush but also a few interesting ones like the creamy tuna dip (delicious) and bulgur wheat falafel.


Stuffed vine leaves


Paprika and garlic dips


Belly dancing


Tabbouleh and tuna dip

The food was really good and authentic in flavour and even the wines were Lebanese. Only downside was the dated decor and the very loud music from the speakers when it was time for the belly dancing.

Chateau Beirut, Karl Johansgatan 7, 414 59 Göteborg, Sweden

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