Borough Market


Any London foodie worth its name must have visited Borough Market. It is one of my favourite places on earth so I was happy to accompany my parents there when they were visiting.

They love food as much as I do, and visiting the market on a Friday morning we had plenty of time to browse and decide on what to eat.


We started our tour in the Green Market which is part covered and part outside. This is where most of the hot food and lunch vendors are and the amazing smells of barbecued meats and melted cheese makes you instantly hungry.



All three of us wanted raclette to start and we shared two (ginormous) portions, which was more than plenty.

Before that we had tasted (and bought) some amazing choccies from Artisan du Chocolat.


In the newly renovated Three Crown Square, we tried an amzing comté cheese from The French Comté, so good mummy and daddy bought some to take to Sweden. My best find was foraged wild garlic from Kent.


In Jubilee Place I had a super fresh oyster and we all tried the fried scallops with bacon and beansprouts from Shellseekers.



I absolutely adore this place and love coming here on weekends buying ingredients for the same evening’s meal. And most importantly, the British new season asparagus is coming soon. In the words of Arnold: I will be back.

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