Spring weekend in London

photo 14

This past weekend we had wonderful weather in London. The sky was blue and the sun shining almost the whole time. I also had a friend from home visiting so we tried to make the most of the weekend and be outside as much as possible.

Linus arrived on Friday evening and I met up with him at Liverpool St after a few drinks and a chat with my friend Laura beforehand. We then went south to Fulham where I live and had dropped of Linus’ bag arond 10.30pm. We were, of course, hungry and tried the pub around the corner but the kitchen had closed, so we ventured to Wandsworth Bridge Road and Boma could happily serve us a burger. We were so happy! Even though I only live a few minutes away I hadn’t eaten here before, but I will definitely be back as the burger we had was delicious (and not just because we were famished).

When we woke up on Saturday I cooked us a proper breakfast before heading to Borough Market.photo 55

As you can see, we were not the only ones enjoying the market, but although it was crowded it was not so bad because of the nice weather. Everyone was happy and patient.

photo 25

We had lunch at the market and went to the Southwark Cathedral next door to sit down and enjoy it in the sunshine.

photo 35

Linus had an indian casserole while I had a caribbean wrap with fried prawns, salad, mayo and sweet chilli sauce. It was really nice and fresh but not very filling.

photo 53

But that was OK since our next stop (after a long walk along the Southbank from London bridge and across the Thames to Leicester Square) was Häagen-Dazs. I had there salted caramel ice cream for the first time and loved it (as I do with anything salted caramel).

photo 22

After some down time at home we headed into town again to meet up with Laura and two of Linus’ colleagues who happened to be in town for a training course. We had some drinks at Soho diner on the pavement watching the bustle of Soho before going to Quo Vadis for a lovely dinner (write-up to follow). We then went to Paramount for a last drink and to enjoy the view.

photo 11

On the Sunday we went to Hyde Park and just wandered around for a few hours. We had some lunch by the lake and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

photo 41

We also had time for some sightseeing while walking past the Prince Albert Memorial and Linus got a crash course of the Victorian Era.

photo 21

Before Linus had to head to the airport we had time for one last ice cream. Shame not to when the weather’s this gorgeous!

Borough Market


Any London foodie worth its name must have visited Borough Market. It is one of my favourite places on earth so I was happy to accompany my parents there when they were visiting.

They love food as much as I do, and visiting the market on a Friday morning we had plenty of time to browse and decide on what to eat.


We started our tour in the Green Market which is part covered and part outside. This is where most of the hot food and lunch vendors are and the amazing smells of barbecued meats and melted cheese makes you instantly hungry.



All three of us wanted raclette to start and we shared two (ginormous) portions, which was more than plenty.

Before that we had tasted (and bought) some amazing choccies from Artisan du Chocolat.


In the newly renovated Three Crown Square, we tried an amzing comté cheese from The French Comté, so good mummy and daddy bought some to take to Sweden. My best find was foraged wild garlic from Kent.


In Jubilee Place I had a super fresh oyster and we all tried the fried scallops with bacon and beansprouts from Shellseekers.



I absolutely adore this place and love coming here on weekends buying ingredients for the same evening’s meal. And most importantly, the British new season asparagus is coming soon. In the words of Arnold: I will be back.

Jerusalem artichoke soup 2.0

Jerusalem artichoke is one of my favourite root vegetables and something I would love to grow if I had a garden. Since I don’t, I get mine in Waitrose or at Borough Market.

This soup was well liked on Saturday, which I am grateful for, since it was the best version I have made so far. Richard, Christopher’s brother, described the flavour similar to smoked bacon and I see what he means. I will try his suggestion of topping the soup with crispy bacon instead of girolles next time.

Jerusalem artichoke soup, serves 4 as a starter

2 shallots, finely chopped

1 tbsp olive oil

600-700 g Jerusalem artichokes, peeled


2 tsp concentrated chicen stock (like Touch of Taste)

50 ml single cream

salt, white pepper

Topping: Girolles fried in butter, salt and white pepper and some fresh chopped shallots.

Fry the onions soft in a large saucepan on medium-low heat. Add the Jerusalem artichokes and fry for a minute or so. Cover with boiling water. Add salt. Bring to the boil and cook until the artichokes are soft. Drain away half of the cooking water, but save it for later. Puré the artichokes with the remaining water with a blender or stick blender. Add the cream and enough of the cooking water to get the thickness you require. Add the stock and season to taste. Bring to the boil again and serve.