Friday update and weekly menu

Wiie, it is Friday again! And for us it is not just any weekend, but a bank holiday weekend with Monday off. Poor Christopher is working the whole weekend, where as I will be going to Gothenburg, Sweden to visit my friend Linus. Best friend Emma is also going there, so it will be a nice weekend with old friends.

I haven’t been very outgoing this week, have just stayed in cooking, baking and sorting out other chores. Oh, and packed my bag for the weekend.

But I still have something nice to report, thanks to Time Out. A Swedish pop-up fika place is coming to Soho Square, last day today. There will be Swedish coffee and cakes and apples from my part of Sweden (the south).

If you need some inspiration for the coming week’s suppers, here is what we’re going to enjoy:

Friday: Nigellas seafood bake with potatoes and homemade mayo

Monday: pork cheek confit

Have a great weekend!

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