Broadway Market

London has more food markets than Borough Market. I like the one in Chelsea although it is small. .

A bigger one, but still a lot smaller than Borough is Broadway Market in Hackney, which I visited for the first time last Saturday, with Nick. Nick is my East London friend, who tries to broaden my horizons, and he did a good job taking me on this little outing.

We didn’t stay very long at the market, because the skies openend and I forgot to bring my umbrella. We rushed into a coffee shop where we had lunch and stalled for as long as possible, before we gave up and left. At least I had time to take some photos before the shower started.

It was a nice market, but I had expected it to be bigger actually, hearing it was better than Borough Market etc. It wasn’t better, but indeed smaller and with less fresh produce. In my book Borough Market will still be the best, but it was really nice to escape the tourists for a day.


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