Tsunami, West End

I have been going on and on and on and on about Tsunami close to where I live, in Clapham, but there is actual a Tsunami restaurant in central London as well, on Charlotte Street. I ventured here on Monday with my friends Laura and Jess after Laura had seen a great 50% off food offer at Top Table.

We started with a lovely bottle of white (from Languedoc) and it was so nice sitting there chatting and sipping wine we ended up with another.

But we had some (I mean a lot) of food as well. I wanted the lovely deepfried prawns with their gorgeous dipping sauce and Laura chose the mixed sashimi salad which contained salad leaves, lovely melt in the mouth seared salmon and tuna with wasabi dressing.

All three of us then had sushi for mains, but a few different kinds. Both Laura and Jess tried the Tsunami special roll (the large ones on the pictures) but I went for my usual order of ebi fry rolls and spicy tuna rolls (top picture).

Laura and Jess also had dessert, but I was too full to join in. However I forgot to take pictures of the two fabulous desserts. (I blame the wine.)

Both Laura’s icecream and Jess’s chocolate fondant arrived with plenty of exotic fruits and looked spectacular.

With the discount our bill came to around £90 for the three of us, including 2 bottles of wine, which was very reasonable. Thanks for that, Top Table.

93 Charlotte Street  
London W1T 4PY