Theatre, Friends and Lots of Cooking!


If I never had to visit a shop, especially a supermarket, ever again, I would be very happy! I love shopping online (especially groceries) and this week I tried a new service called Chop Chop where you can order up to 25 items from the supermarket and have them delivered within the hour. So good when it’s pouring down with rain or you don’t have time to go out.


This was my first shop; cleaning products, kitchen roll and some fresh stuff for supper during the week. Such a great service! This is not sponsored – I’m just a very happy customer and wanted to spread the word. I first heard of Ocado Zoom but they don’t deliver in my area, only West London, but I discovered that both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have equivalent services. I love Waitrose in general but Sainsbury’s had a better selection of products for my area so that’s how I ended up using it.


Monday supper: chicken thigh fillet, potato wedges, tzatziki and Greek-ish salad. I eat this year round – so yummy!


For pudding I tried the dark Geisha chocolate I brought home from Sweden and loved it!


Tuesday after work I went to see my friend Laura and her baby and cooked a three course meal for her and her mother who was visiting. We had prosecco and chatted and it was such a lovely evening! The first course was my favourite mushroom toast (but with mixed wild mushrooms instead of just girolles) and they loved it too.


Next I made pasta carbonara with tagliatelle (that’s how I prefer it!) as a new mother needs her carbs.


For pudding I made the simplest one I know; Gino with banana, kiwi and raspberries with vanilla ice cream.

Wednesday I did some errands after work and just took it easy the rest.


Thursday I had yoghurt with kiwi and honey for breakfast. Love kiwi fruit and they’re such a good source of vitamin C.


For lunch I made a poke bowl, that I was supposed to make the night before but didn’t feel like it for some reason. I do love this though! So yummy!


In the evening we had burgers and went to The National Theatre to see Hansard which was so so good. Amazing acting, great story and just wonderful all around. Highly recommend it!


On Friday I had a feta wrap with tomatoes, avocado and spring onions (anything that needed to be used up basically). Love how literally ANYTHING in a wrap makes a meal. So useful!


For dinner I made orecchiette with salsiccia, although I couldn’t actually find salsiccia so used sausage meat and added plenty of fennel seeds. It worked quite well but the real deal is definitely better.


For pudding we had vanilla ice cream with wafers and homemade butterscotch sauce. So simple and so yummy!


Saturday we had poached eggs and pancetta for breakfast followed by…


… brioche French toast with berries. Love breakfast/brunch at the weekend!


For dinner we had pan con tomate and a new burrata dish with girolles to start (will post the recipe soon!).


And poussins with dauphinoise potatoes, jus and broccoli for our main course. So good, but no room left for pudding!



I spent Sunday with friends in the countryside and made pork fillet with girolles when I came back and for pudding we had blackberry cake with lightly whipped cream.

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