The return of the meatloaf, a trip to the countryside and the boat race


Monday, sunshine and a lunch meeting in the park with a sandwich! Not a bad start to my week a few weeks ago.


Afterwards I walked by the Thames and felt so happy spring had finally come back. Just love this time of year (minus the pollen) this time of year!


In the evening I heated up a piece of aubergine lasagne from the freezer and felt very smug I didn’t reach for a takeaway. Utilising the freezer is the best!


On the Tuesday I made the best meatloaf ever. I haven’t made it for years but got a sudden craving and it’s AMAZING! Will definitely make it soon again as it wasn’t just me who liked it! Post dinner we watched the first episode of Billions, that I had been dying to watch but had to wait a week for a certain someone to come back from a skiing holiday. Loving this new series!!

Wednesday evening I just took it easy at home and packed my bag for a little work trip.


Thursday I went down to the New Forest for work and obviously made sure to go for a walk and take in the countryside as well.


I had dinner at The Master Builder’s and really enjoyed my local asparagus and whole crab. Plus it was a really cosy setting with rustic wooden tables and a roaring fire.


Friday was an intense work day that finished with a meeting back in London. In the evening we stayed in and I made carbonara. The best Friday meal with a glass (or two) of red wine!


Saturday we woke up late and a scrambled eggs for breakfast. I thoroughly enjoy the weekends where I don’t have to set an alarm!


In the afternoon we went for a lovely little walk checking out the ducks and swans and just enjoying being outside!


And then we went to the driving range… Not my comfort zone at all but tried to be a good sport (haha) and hit a few balls. Suddenly it was quite late so we ordered burgers for dinner. So good!


Sunday and another lie-in followed by another cooked breakfast. Heaven!


Then we met up with friends for lunch at a new to me vegetarian restaurant that was really good (and child friendly).  Review to come!



Afterwards we joined the crowds for the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race and had a great time cheering, chatting and drinking rosé in the rain (it’s England after all).


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