Steak, surprise party and SPRING!



The week before last started with a quit day. Just work, and an early night at home.


On the Tuesday I had some work errands and as it was nice weather I put my trenchcoat on and enjoyed the sunshine as I went from place to place. In the evening I made fried halloumi with potato wedges, roasted peppers and red onions and tzatsiki for dinner. Love this kind of easy cooking on a weekday! And it’s SO yummy!


The next evening I met up with two girl friends for steak and a catchup at Hawksmoor. We had such a lovely evening drinking wine, eating steak and chatting away.


On the Thursday I went away with work for the day, but was all shaky and sweaty (very unlike me!) by the time I got to the train station, but luckily some paracetamol helped. But the day felt really long because of the travelling so when I got back to London we ordered burgers for takeaway and watched the first episode of the new series of Billions. Love this series so much!

More errands on Friday but I still felt a bit shaky so took it easy in the evening. And most of Saturday too, but in the evening I put some heels on and went to a friend’s really fun surprise birthday party!



On the Sunday I slept in and met a friend for a late lunch. It was sunny and although not warm the weather was still nice, so I put my trench and new sneakers on because SPRING! Obviously I got a nasty blister that took over a week to heal, but still…


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