Not the best week but a great weekend!


Is it spring now?! The calendar says so but not sure the weather gods got the memo. I’ve been longing for spring for so long now, it seems strange that it’s arrived. But I’m really enjoying the lighter evenings and no longer freezing (just cold!) temperatures. I even dared to put on a trench coat a few times.

But I’m really behind on telling you what else I’ve been up to, so let’s get started.

Week before last. Aaand go!

Well, it wasn’t the best week. I had a nice and relaxing Monday night (which is my preferred way – Mondays are hard anyway). But then on the Tuesday I didn’t feel very well and had to cancel my plans.


Same on the Wednesday. I had so little energy I ordered takeaway for dinner. Grateful for healthy options as I wasn’t craving burgers or pizza, so a poke bowl was the perfect supper!

Thursday I was a bit better but took it easy so I could enjoy the weekend. Friday was one of those days when it felt like the world (or London – which IS my world) was against me. It was incredibly windy and cold, lots of street were closed for road works or Brexit demonstrations (they all seem to blur into one) and no buses to be seen. So I took a taxi to my meeting the looong way around but luckily was on time. On the way back I thought I’d be good and walked to the bus stop. Where I and lots of other people waited and waited for buses that never arrived. Whitehall was empty (surreal) and the cab I hailed to get me home just breezed through. But after that excursion I was cold and tired and really windswept.


But I had just enough energy to cook a three course meal for us and a friend in the evening.



Crostini with smoked salmon spread to start, delizie alla romagnola for mains and chewy lemon cake for pudding. It was so nice with home cooked food after not feeling well all week and the others loved it too!



Saturday I had a lie-in and a chilled day. I read my book and feel asleep on the sofa but in the evening we went out for dinner to one of our (mine) favourite places for truffle pasta and other lovely food!


Sunday we slept in, had a cooked breakfast and went to visit friends in the afternoon. We played with Peppa Pig themed toys and in the evening after bed time we (the grownups) had pizza for dinner.


When we got home I made us hot cocoa with whipped cream and we watched another episode of Goliath.  It’s still really good!

So to sum it up; pretty rubbish week but a lovely weekend!

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