Zucca, Bermondsey revisited



When I go to restaurants I know are really good, I don’t want to go with a big group of people because I want to keep the focus on the food. As the wine is flowing it is quite easy that you’re just having such a nice time with your friends that you forget about the food although it is amazingly good.

So when I went back to Zucca for the second time, I only had my best friend Emma as company so we could focus on the food as well as on the conversation, wine and the people around us.



To start we shared three small plates as we had trouble choosing. We had speck with rosemary crostini and gherkins. Very simple but very tasty. The pickled cucumber was delicious with it subtle flavours.



We also had a very creamy burrata with baked butternut squash and cumin. This was definitely my favourite, anything with that lovely silky burrata has my name on it!



Emma’s favourite was this plate of broccoli and cauliflower florets with chopped nuts and grated ricotta. Stunning!



We chose the same maincouse for the simple reason that neither of us would be able to handle the other person getting a dish that was better ones own. Us competitive? No…

This amazing linguine with mushrooms and parmesan was absolutely delicious to the last bite. This is what pasta should taste like!



After all that we were so full, but still temped by a scoop each of salted caramel icecream. It was definitely enough to satisfy the sweet craving after a big meal and we left full and very very happy.


184 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3TQ


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