A Swedish luncheon

Yesterday I was invited to a Swedish luncheon in London’s Brick Lane, and I brought my friend Emily with me.

I don’t know what I expected from the lunch, but I was rather surprised of how nice it all was. First we were greeted by two ladies showing us in to a temporary red cottage where a large table was beautifully decorated in a nautical way. On one wall a slide show of Swedish scenery from the West Coast was displayed and at one end of the room we could see the chefs hard at work.

To start we had some elderflower cordial and were greeted by another lady chit-chatting to us about Sweden. Soon after our plates arrived showing an array of items smorgasbord style. We had a wonderful soup made from mushrooms and langoustines, Toast Skagen with langoustine, scambled eggs on crisp bread with mackerel, goat’s cheese crème with baked cherry tomato and two cheeses with quince jelly.

One of the chefs, Jenny, also came to chat to us, and told us about how they cooked the food (the soup contained smoked mushrooms for instance) and about where she was from.

It was a nice and efficient (I shouldn’t have doubted the Swedish efficiency either) event and I felt very proud of my country’s tourist board’s efforts.

I was invited to this event by SunVil, who organises travel to Sweden and many other destinations and the event itself was hosted by Visit Sweden.

2 thoughts on “A Swedish luncheon

  1. I love your blog 🙂 the recipes are great and it feels so nice and warm. I also like watching the photographs – could you please tell me what camera do you use? 🙂

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