Dinner at Yashin Sushi, Kensington – so good!

Absolutely delicious prawn tempura roll with green beans and chilli ponxu jelly 

Since I was introduced to sushi ten years ago by my friend from Uni; Annie from Stockholm, I have really loved it. She took me to the first sushi place in our university town Lund, and I came back again and again, trying one weird fish after the other. And by the time I left Lund we had several good sushi places. So coming to London a few years later I expected a good sushi restaurant on every corner, and was quite surprised when that wasn’t the case. Instead there are plenty of chain sushi restaurants – some decent and some really terrible.

Luckily London has a few good sushi places too, and Yashin Sushi is definitely one of them, if not the best. Recommended by two colleagues I was really keen to try it when my best friend and sushi lover Emma came to visit. We rounded up a few more girls and we had a great time at the restaurant.

Deep-fried soft shell crab roll with avocado and sweet soy – amazing! 

Don’t be put off of the almost military sounding greeting as you walk through the door – the staff is friendly and efficient. The restaurant is small with a sushi bar and chefs at work on the ground floor as well as a few tables. Downstairs you find more tables and a small bar.

Yashin’s unique concept is that the sushi comes without soy sauce. Instead, the soy is already incorporated in the sushi. The ginger is also different to regular gari, here you have big lovely chunks of it, with no doubt pickled by the chefs.

And the sushi? Ama-zing! This is probably the best sushi I have ever had. We only had rolls (as they are the most fun) and ordered three of the five options on the concise menu as well as some salmon avocado rolls not on the menu, but still available.

Salmon avocado roll

All the rolls were deliciou and good in size. The rice had the perfect texture and was sticky enough not to crumble but still very fluffy. The rolls were moist and scrumptious and although all the rolls had fantastic flavours, I think we all liked the soft shell crab the best. Do not miss it!

Lovely deep fried asparagus roll with tomato sauce 

Yashin Suhi
1A Argyll Road
London W8 7DB
Tel 02079381536

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