New York: Lunch at Battery Gardens

The first whole day in New York, when we went for our super long walk, we stopped for lunch in Battery Park. It is a lovely park just by the water front but there weren’t many food options. Mainly a few kiosks that only sold snacks and then the proper restaurant Battery Gardens. It could have been a real tourist trap, but I think it was a bit too expensive to be that, luckily.

We started off with a glass of white each, a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zeeland that was very refreshing.

We sat out on the patio underneath an umbrella and shading trees and it felt like a real oasis in the August heat. Really nice surroundings!

Claes had the spaghetti bolognese, and he was very pleased with it. It looks really good, don’t you think?!

I had a cobb salad with cold smoked salmon and roquefort, which was a great combination. It also came with a boiled egg in slices and avocado which made it more substantial. The only thing I thought odd was the bacon which I actually removed. I don’t know, salmon and bacon, does that work?

Emma also had a salad, with very succulent chicken confit and quinoa.

Happy campers!

All the food was very frash and nice, but what really made it such a nice lunch was the ambiance and stunning surroundings.

Battery Gardens Restaurant
Inside Battery Park ,  Opposite 17 State Street
On The Water,  New York, NY 10004


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