Atari-ya sushi bar, Swiss Cottage

One evening when I found myself in Swiss Cottage in between flat viewings I stumbled upon a sushi bar that seemed promising.

You see, in London it is quite difficult to find good sushi, which I have trouble understandning. I mean, there is plenty of sushi to go around, but some chains are absolutely awful and it is difficult to find the good places amongst all the average ones.

So this sushi bar, named Atari-ya, looked promising because the menu seemed to offer authentic dishes made to order.

Once seated at the bar counter I realised that this must the the (small) chain of sushi restaurants my friend Laura suggested we would go to.

After having ordered way too much sushi, I received an amuse bouche in the shape of a little bowl filled with mooli (cooked daikon). Shortly after the most amazing miso soup arrived with fluffy bits of tofu and far from the prepacked stuff some chain restaurants use.

Then my sushi arrived. My favourite was the salmon and avocado roll which was just perfect. Next was the flavourful salmon skin roll which I also enjoyed. The only thing to disappoint slightly was the shrimp tempura roll. In general that is my favourite roll because of the crunchiness of the tempura. These freshly deep-fried prawns were a bit too light in the batter to be crispy. They were also paired with asparagus, which to be honest wasn’t a combination I liked because the asparagus took over. In all other contexts, though, I love asparagus, but it is quite a strong flavour and the prawn could not compete.

Apart from the food being delicious and freshly prepared, the staff was equally good. I had two waiters fussying around me yet still leaving me to enjoy my meal.

Atari-ya sushi bar
75 Fairfax Road
London NW6 4EE
Tel: 020 7328 5338

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