Mint Leaf, West End

Maria and Daniel’s last day in London they wanted to eat proper Indian food as it is difficult to get in the south of Sweden. My first idea was to go to Tayyabs, which I had read about on a food blog, but it is quite a trek away from both where I work and live, so when I heard from two colleagues that Mint Leaf on Haymarket was good, we decided to go there instead. (And as it was a weekday we got 50% off food with my Tastcard.)

The restaurant is really nice and divided into different rooms to make it cosy. Our waiter was friendly and helpful to an extent but he couldn’t really answer our food related questions which was a shame.

We started off with some mini poppadums and two sauces; but not the usual mango chutney and raita. We chose to share a rabbit seekh kebab with honey and mustard drizzle to start. It was nice and tasty, but the seasoning didn’t feel Indian at all, which we coluld have guessed… It was then we realised that the food on offer was Indian but aimed towards Europeans and therefore not entirely authentic.

As their maincourse Maria and Daniel chose Tandoori chicken with dal makhani and sautéed broccoli. I chose a more curry-like dish called Tariwala chicken.

We also ordered pilau rice, raita and a naan each, and the naans were great – probably the best I’ve had. The rest of the food was a bit blander than expected. It had some heat but didn’t have the flavour punch you usually get from good Indian. You want all those spices to interact but it didn’t work all the way here which was the shame. The dal was still good though.

Next time I’m in the mood for Indian I will either try Tayyabs as we intended or Lahore One Kebab House which are probably the most authentic Indian restaurants in London.

Min Leaf Restaurant
Suffolk Place
London SW1Y 4HX
T: 020 7930 9020

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