My favourtie London restaurants 2011 and where I will spend my money this year…

It is fun to summarize the past year, don’t you think?! The way I will do it is to reminisce the restaurants I enjoyed the most during the last year.

Lovely tomato salad at Nopi

Below is my list of the best (for me) ten restaurants in London 2011, but it is not a list with the best on top or bottom, just a list, not a ranking, I liked them all in different ways.

  1. St John – I want to go back here very soon. It is a place for proper foodies who enjoy different cuts of meat and non-fancy but delicious meals. We had the best lamb sweetbreads here ever, and the madeleines for pudding are to die for.
  2. Apsleys – we had lunch here on a Top Table offer but we were treated like regulars. Great service, amazing food and that little extra you want when you go to a really nice restaurant.
  3. Opera Tavern – this is a very accessible place for me. There is something for everyone, it is walking distance from the office and the food is fabulous and not very expensive. The pork burger with foie gras is sublime and the range of small cooked dishes, cheeses and charkuteries are great.
  4. L’Atelier Joël de Robuchon – My colleague took me here for an amazing birthday meal. Relaxed yet fantastic, both decor, food and service.
  5. Da Polpo – cheap and cheerful but well cooked. Only downside is that you can’t book a table for the dinner service.
  6. Tsunami – one of my best local restaurants and they have amazing sushi.
  7. Nopi – I am a huge Ottolenghi fan and this restaurant is the perfect place. Lovely dishes and great vegetarian food.
  8. Terroirs – not exciting, but cosy and comfortable with nice no fuss food. A gem I come back to often.
  9. Corner Room – gourmet food to low prices in Hackney, and it was amazing!
  10. The Square – the food is wonderful at this, two starred place, but you need plenty of time to enjoy the meal.

In a city as large as London (same population as the whole of Sweden!) restaurants pop up all the time, and it is difficult to keep up. So I made another list comprising of the London restaurants I want to visit the most this year. Most on the list are fairly new, but there are some old gems I haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet too.

  1. Hawksmoor Seven Dials – you can have steak for breakfast here! That’s a great reason, don’t you think?!
  2. Dinner – Heston Blumenthal’s London restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel seems fabulous and the whole menu consists of old dishes, even cated (i.e. c 1390 etc). Can’t wait to try it!
  3. José and Pizarro – The same man is behind both restaurant. First José opened and made sherry hip again, then Pizarro followed. Tapas and sherry in Bermondsey, anyone?
  4. Cut 45 Park Lane – now you can get proper American steak in London, cooked by an American too. Expensive, but I think it is worth it!
  5. The Delaunay – The team behind The Wolseley has opened a more casual restaurant in Aldwych, with five stars from Time Out and as good food and service as the Wolseley, I will certainly go!
  6. Meat Liquor – Apparently the best burgers in town. Unfortunately you can only queue up and not book, but again, it seems worth it.
  7. Hix – I am a bit ashamed to admit that I haven’t been to this London institution yet, but I will go this year – promise.
  8. Pollen St Social – Ranked one among the world’s 50 best restaurants I sooo want to go. Jason Atherton’s place.
  9. Roganic – the couple behind this restaurant already runa a gamous restaurant in the Lake District and I can’t wait to try one of their menus consisting of either six or ten dishes.
  10. Koya – famous for its udon noodles, is a cheap place perfect for lunch, and that is exactly when I will visit.

2 thoughts on “My favourtie London restaurants 2011 and where I will spend my money this year…

  1. A la James Brown: ya gotta gotta gotta try Texture! Just simply amazing, more so than Fat Duck or Bacchus (RIP) or even Viajante. Perfect food (the chef is Icelandic), gorgeous wine matches, ambiance just private enough, just buzzy enough… sadly a bit dear.

    On par, I’d hazard, with Tomo or Alinea in Chicago…

    But I have a secret new, not even quite open restaurant that will blow you away vis a vis Value for Money 😉


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