Cepe confit

I’m really into duck and goose fat at the moment, perhaps because it is the season for roast potatoes again.

If you want to make the most wonderful roast potatoes, you need this type of fat. Vegetable oil just doesn’t cut it, both the taste and the texture is different. I mean when my British boyfriend’s British mother compliments my roast potatoes, I know I have done it right. 😉

But it can be even better than that, with goose fat flavoured with cepe mushrooms (also called porcini). You achieve this by making a confit and then saving the fat.

But the mushrooms are nice too, although I must admit I made this more for the idea of the roast potatoes. Served on toast with some parmesan, this is a real treat.

Cepe confit, serves 2 on toast

400 g cepe mushrooms, brushed and sliced

400 g goose fat

Place the mushroom slices in a glass dish and cover with the goose dat. Place in 85C oven for ,5 hours. Leave to cool. Drain away the fat and keep it and cherish it. Place the mushrooms on a plate and put in the fridge.

Later fry the mushrooms brown and crunchy in some olive oil. Place on buttered toast and add parmesan shavings and some parsley if you have. Enjoy!

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