Brunch at Soho Village, Gothenburg

After all the cocktails on Saturday we decided a brunch was the perfect day to recover the next day. Linus suggested a cosy place called Soho Village and we walked there in the rain. The café was really big with a few different rooms to sit in, and although we arrived soon after they opened for the day it was really full up. Always a good sign.

The buffet was really big, so we took a few things at the time, instead of trying to cram it all onto one plate. I started with bread that was still warm from the oven, creamy butter, cheese and salami.

I then moved onto smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, pizza slice and a croissant. (I definitely had my carbs for the day…)

And finished it off with a pancake (they were quite big), maple syrup, whipped cream and raspberries.

I love going for brunch, especially if it is a varied buffet like here so you have plenty of things to choose from.

Linus went here three weeks ago with his brother, and thought it was actually better then, and although I really enjoyed it, there are always room for improvement.

They could perhaps have a larger selection of cold meats, and all the cakes seem to come from the same sponge batter. Maybe mix it up a little and offer cookies or something as well.

And the eggs, only one variety? I know I’m not in the UK, but please. Or if there only is one variety, make it extra good. These scambled eggs where too dry and not seasoned enough.

With that said, it was still a nice brunch and everything was nice and fresh, and it offered a good balance between healthy (cottage cheese, wholegrain bread, fruit and vegetables) and indulgence (croissants, cakes with custard, pancakes with whipped cream and cheeses)


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