Swedish wine

My dad received this bottle of red (Hällåkra Rondo 2009) as a birthday present and we tasted it on Sunday when we had a barbecue.

The couple who gave him this bottle knew of course that it is from the vineyard next door to my parent’s house. It cannot be any more local produce than that!

It was exciting to try a wine which has grown in the fields around where I grew up. The wine was alright, nothing spectacular compared to other wines, and actually quite sour. But it was still better than we had anticipated, and the charm lies in the fact that this wine is from Sweden, until recently a non-wineproducing country in the north of Europe, and that it is so very local to where I grew up.

It is not a wine I will buy because it is so much better than other reds, because it is not, but to show my friends that actually, wine can be made at home as well, and that is quite big.

The vineyard, Hällåkra, has not existed as a vineyard for very long, it used to be a regular farm growing rapeseed, sugarbeets and wheat which is what is mostly grown around where I’m from. So it is a new phenomenon and that means that there is room for improvement.

The wine can be bought at Systembolaget in Sweden.

2 thoughts on “Swedish wine

    1. It is a very recent thing, but up and coming. The quality is not as good as known wine-producing countries yet though, but fun to try.

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