Theatre, cooking and a chilled weekend


The third week in September the nice weather continued. For most of the week at least.


So I made the best of it eating a lot of caprese salads. With the best supermarket mozzarella I have ever come across. Yum! Some leftover charcuterie from the weekend added some protein as well.



In the evening we had dinner at Honest Burgers on Southbank before we went to see Peter Gynt (an adaptation of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt set in modern day Scotland) at The National Theatre. It was really long and I’m not sure the adaptation really worked, but it was still nice to see it.


The next day I once again had caprese for lunch (can’t get enough) but with the addition of avocado and prosciutto. So yummy!


I also managed to eat a whole bag of Swedish Polly sweets in just a few days. Wish I had bought more though. Other than work I didn’t do much on Wednesday. Had toast for dinner and went to bed early.




But Thursday night I spent some time in the kitchen. We pretended it was Friday and I made us a three course dinner consisting of puff pastry bites (recipe to come), pasta al limone (will post this soon) and white chocolate crème with raspberries (also to come). Now that I have someone to cook for I enjoy cooking for just myself a bit less.



Friday we had eggs for breakfast and I worked from home the whole day. In the evening we had dinner at Home SW15 (love their shrimp burger!) before going to the cinema to see Once upon a time in Hollywood. Such a great film!



Saturday I had a lie-in, did some errands and had store-bought pizza for dinner in front of a film I’ve wanted to see for a long time now; All the president’s men with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as the Washington Post journalists uncovering the Watergate affair. Really good!



On the Sunday I had another lie-in and stayed inside all day as it was pouring down with rain the whole day. I read a lot, put on a face mask and made a very simple pasta for dinner (cheese tortellini with browned butter, parmesan and lemon). It was a day of rest and so needed.

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