Nights in, cinema and concert!


Monday last week was a bank holiday, so lovely! I started the day with a lie-in and toast with Nutella for breakfast while somebody was away playing golf. So indulgent with Nutella, but that’s what weekends (and ball holidays) are for, right?!


For lunch we had leftover pancakes with whipped cream and blueberries before going to the park to play with my boyfriend’s nieces.


Back home I made roast chicken, roasted vegetables, Greek-is salad and tzatziki for dinner and we saw the last ever episode of Big Bang Theory (sob) – can’t believe it’s been going for 12 years! And an episode of Billions.


The next day I was in complete denial about the work week and made a cooked breakfast before work!


In the evening I had a quiet evening in front of Now TV (Sky’s streaming service) with Chernobyl (great series!!) and The Rookie. For dinner I made an almost-poke-bowl, which I often cook if it’s just me for dinner.


On Wednesday evening I had leftovers for dinner; tzatziki, feta and salad from the weekend, meatballs from the freezer and some freshly made potato wedges. Instead of watching TV I caught up on some of my favourite podcasts (Swedish Säker Stil and Bad on Paper) and read.


Thursday evening was book club night at Anna’s who was a terrific hostess feeding us lovely vegetarian food!


Even though it was a short work week it felt really long, so on Friday we celebrated with burgers and cinema. We saw Rocketman which I really enjoyed, apart from maybe the ending which was a bit meh.


We had a lovely lie-in on Saturday followed by a cooked breakfast. Then I went shopping for a baby present before heading across town (literally) to the Olympic Park for a concert with Muse.


We had burgers (again) in the sun at Shake Shack before heading into the stadium, but they actually had lots of food options there too.


The concert was amazing (my first time seeing Muse) and we had such a fun evening. But it was a long day as it took us ages to get back to our side of London.


Sunday we had another cooked breakfast (needed after the night before – we walked so much!) before we went to visit my boyfriend’s sister and her family. We played with the children and cuddled their new baby girl!



In the evening I made an easy chicken gratin with rice and before that we had a burrata salad with tomatoes and basil (can’t get enough of that right now!) and watched the latest episode of Billions before heading to bed.

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