Christmas dinner, Lucia concert and a nice weekend


The first Monday in December I woke up in Norfolk and stayed there for most of the day, had eggs for breakfast and a lovely day off work. Then we drove back to London in the afternoon, went food shopping and as soon as I got home I started prepping for the Christmas dinner with the book club the following evening.


I really like our Christmas tradition; it’s so lovely to catch up with the girls before Christmas.


We started the evening with a Prosecco cocktail and nibbles and then moved onto Swedish meatballs, Jansson’s temptation, a kale dish and this lovely butternut squash dish with pesto, feta and pomegranate seeds.


To finish off the dinner we had saffron cake, clementines and sliced gingerbread with St Agur.


Wednesday and Thursday I concentrated on work, early nights and eating leftovers. But on Friday night we went to a wonderful Lucia concert in Westminster Cathedral. So pretty!


Afterwards a group of us went for dinner at Hai Cenato nearby.

On the Saturday we saw friends and most of Sunday I made gingerbread but also had time to watch a film. I really wasn’t sure this film was for me, but somebody persuaded me and it turns out he was right. Such a sweet film!



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