Taste of London 2015, Regents Park

IMG_6242It’s time for my favourite festival again and I visited Taste of London last night after work with my fellow foodie Caroline. It was a lovely evening with sunshine (!) and lots of good food.

My favourite over-all restaurant was Club Gascon, they had some fun and different dishes executed to perfection. Plus the head chef was there handing out food and chatting away with the customers.


My favourite dish from Club Gascon was this sweetbread popcorn dish with iced Worchestershire sauce. The sweetbreads were delicious and the iced sauce cut through the richness perfectly.


Another fab dish was this tartine of foie gras and glazed strawberries. Fun and different, this combination worked really well as the strawberries weren’t too sweet.


Caroline tried their prawn burger primavera which was really nice too. It didn’t taste that much of prawns though, but was all in all a nice burger!


At Clove Club we couldn’t resist the buttermilk fried chicken with pine salt. Very tender and juicy chicken with perfect seasoning. Yum!


Roka had a nice selection of dishes and the one we both went for was this teriyaki eel sushi in a choux bun with avocado. Very nice!


We also went back to an old favourite; the SushiSamba sasa roll which I love. It’s just such a great combination of textures and flavours.


Chop Shop were also serving up some inspiring (and nicely presented) dishes.


I had the short rib with smoked cream corn and some crunchy corn bits and it was fantastic!


Caroline had their very tender hanger steak with dijon and parmesan sauce which was equally fantastic!


Caroline tried Modern Pantry’s crunchy prawns with pineapple ketchup but it wasn’t a dish that wowed us. But they won the gold medal for another dish called ‘mince & tatties’.


One of the trends seemed to be steamed buns because they were everywhere and I couldn’t resist one. The BBQ pork belly one with peanut soy sauce I had from Kurobuta was nice but not wow either, maybe the demand was too high for the kitchen to be at the top of their game.

We were very full after having eaten all of this and although I would have been happy to go back another day and eat some more, I only wished I had had room for one more dish and that was Duck & Waffle’s iconic ‘duck & waffle’ dish with waffle, duck leg and fried egg. Another time.

Taste of London 2015, Regents Park is on until Sunday 21st June.

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