Lunch at Khmer Food Restaurant, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Siem Reap, the town near Angkor Wat, is quite small and touristy so finding a nice place to eat is actually quite difficult. But Ro and I were pleasantly surprised by Khmer Food Restaurant near the market. First we shared a portion of summer rolls that were nice and fresh (although towards the end of the trip we had sampled both good and bad ones and I was a bit tired of them to be honest).


I completely forgot to photograph Ro’s soup which was really nice and fresh with prawns, winter melon and other fruits. It was quite different to other soups we tried and very soothing!

My main course was water spinach (which I love!) with garlic and chilli and pork mince with oyster sauce. Really nice!

Traditional Khmer Food Restaurant, Old Market Area, Siemréab, Cambodia

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