The Jugged Hare, Barbican – revisited

2015-01-09 19.14.55

The Jugged Hare is a very cosy pub and restaurant, that I wish was closer to the parts of town where I roam the most. I was invited to their opening a few years ago and I am just as positive now after my recent visit.

The interior is nice with a clear pub/bar area and a specific restaurant area. After our nice meal here we went across the street to the Barbican cinema and watched the fab film The Theory of Everything.

My friend Tom had a lovely terrine as a starter (above) and then a main course whereas I chose two starters instead.

2015-01-09 19.15.01

The first one was a lovely dish with croquetas, mushrooms and slowcooked egg.

2015-01-09 19.29.11

And the second was snails with bone marrow. The snails and the sauce were lovely but the bone marrow was breaded and deep-fried which was a little too rich for my liking. Still yummy, though!

2015-01-09 19.29.25

Tom’s classic bangers and mash was fabulous. Creamy, herb-y mash, first class sausages and nice gravy!

I promise to be back. Soon.

The Jugged Hare, 49 Chiswell St, London EC1Y 4SA

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