London life and a weekend in Stockholm

2015-02-03 18.32.00

How is it February already?! Wasn’t it just the beginning of January?! I wish someone had prepared me for the increasing speed of time as you get older. I miss feeling like a summer is endless and that you might even get bored. No chance of that when life happens in turbo speed…

One the plus side it means spring is almost here, yay! (But on the bad side, it will be over pretty quickly…)

Last weekend consisted mainly of going out so this week has been quite calm. My flatmate and I have watched the first season of Broadchurch (so good!) and on Tuesday I meet up with Laura for wine and dinner at Carluccio’s.

This upcoming weekend I’m trading London for Stockholm and I am so excited to hang out with two of my best friends for a whole weekend! We’re going to eat well, go for brunch, hang out and catch up properly. Only thing I’m not so excited about is the snow and ice but I have my curling boots so should be fine.

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