Brunch at home


Between Christmas and New Year I gathered some of my friends at my parents’ house for some brunch and considering there were quite a few adults and four kids it worked out really well. Everyone could eat when they wanted and it was much more relaxed than a sit down lunch – exactly what I was going for.


The fortunate non-drivers got a Buck’s Fizz or Mimosa (orange juice and bubbly) on arrival while the others had the choice of plain orange juice, tea and coffee.


The brunch buffet also had homemade raspberry smoothies, bread, cheeses, cream cheese with sundried tomatoes, meats, fruit, freshly cut vegetables, jam, baked eggs (recipe to follow), crispy bacon, Mexican corn bread and delicious brownies (recipe to follow later).


It was lovely to hang out with my friends in such a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks mummy for pouring coffee and thanks to all my friends for coming!

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