Weekend update!


 A happy Maria at the pub last night

It’s been a long work week (for me at least) but Friday is finally upon us. The sun is shining and I have friends from home visiting. When they arrived last night we dropped off their bags at the hotel and went to my local pub for (delicious) food, wine and a catch-up. Today while I’m at work Maria, Daniel and little Otto are enjoying the sunshine in Hyde Park and shopping a bit.

Tonight we’re going to chill out at home and I’m planning the menu as we speak. Since it’s great weather today I think the right thing to do is to fire up the barbecue and eat lots of nibbles while waiting for the meat to cook.

Tomorrow we’re probably going shopping on the Kings Road and having dinner in Chelsea at this child-friendly restaurant and I am sure we will have a nice lunch somewhere on Sunday before they leave for the airport.

Fingers crossed the amazing weather will hold. Bon weekend!

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