Dinner at Sophie’s Steakhouse, Chelsea


The Saturday evening when Emma was visiting we were quite tired after a full town of walking, shopping and eating but after having had some champagne at home we had the energy to go out for dinner. We wanted something low key and near home and opted for Sophie’s Steakhouse on the Fulham Road.

There is another Sophie’s in Covent Garden and although working around there I haven’t been there either.

As you can’t book a table we were put on the list for one and then hung out in the bar drinking strawberry daiquiris.


Once seated at the table water and this wooden board with salami arrived, perfect for two starving girls. We finished it pretty quickly and then got a second one – they must go through A LOT of salami here!


The menu is of course centred around meat and mainly steak but we tried their burgers that were amazing. Sadly the fried weren’t as good. They were crisp and nice texture-wise just not great in taste.


But the burgers were just delicious, so we were happy anyway! After our late dinner we realised we wanted to go dancing and just walked down the street to Maggie’s.

Such a great evening!

Sophie’s Steakhouse, 311-313 Fulham Road, London SW10 9QH

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