Christmas is not so far away…


It is only about seven weeks to go until I go home for Christmas. I am so excited this year to have two whole weeks at home with family and friends. Last year I ran around like a crazy person trying to fit as much in as I could and ended up with the flu for several days and lots of fun plans cancelled. Lesson learnt, so this year I have only made a few plans and intend to listen to my body and make ad hoc plans as I go along instead.

But these weeks leading up to Christmas scare me a little. So much to cram in – so little time. There is of course the practical things like buying Christmas gifts, meeting up with everyone before going home and the parties. It’s all fun although usually hectic. But I add another element of stress myself; the food. I know it’s silly, but a large part of my associations with Christmas come from the smells and tastes of my childhood Christmases.

So in the next seven weeks I want to drink plenty of glögg, make ginger biscuits, some sweets and eat said ginger biscuits with Stilton (do try it if you haven’t already – it’s divine!) and make (and eat) Jansson’s temptation and meatballs at least once.


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