Sweden on my mind…


Nine days pass by quickly; at least the past week and a bit did for me. I went home to Skåne, my county in the South of Sweden, to visit friends and family. It was pretty busy, as always, but lovely too!


The landscape is flat and consists of a lot of fields and all around the coast there are lovely sandy beaches.

ska19 ska8

I also try to enjoy my parent’s garden, where my mother spends all her free time, and we both love the buddleia attracting lots of pretty butterflies.



When in London I don’t really eat many British sweets as I don’t think they’re as nice as the Swedish variety, so you can imagine that any supermarket with this spread of pick ‘n mix is heaven for me!



I find the ice cream better too! This is the real deal compared to a Mr Whippy; proper soft serve ice cream in a proper waffle cone.

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