Smygehuk, the southern cape of Sweden


Sweden is a very long country so when I say I am from the south it can mean that I’m from somewhere from the middle and downwards. But I am from the real south, were we get Danish and German television channels because we’re so close to the continent. For us, everything north of Stockholm seems way north.


Anyway, just like the Three-Country Cairn (the northern point where Norway, Sweden and Finland meet) is a popular destination, so is the most southern point in our country; Smygehuk.

Smygehuk is just the actual cape with it’s little harbour, kiosk, fish smokery with shop and café, an old building and a camp site. It is quite pretty when the sun is shining, and I love just taking in the vastness of the sea ahead of you.


There is also a village near-by called Smygehamn with a few shops and mostly permanent residents. But all along the southern coast line you have lots of summer houses mixed with old fishing villages and permanent residents, golf courses and lovely sandy beaches.


I simply adore my part of Sweden and summers here are amazing. It is usually warm and sunny, and the ocean heats up to around (and above) 20C so it is nice to go for a swim or just a quick dip to refresh while sunbathing.


It is light until late in the evenings, so you can easily take an evening stroll at 10 or 11pm without bringing a flashlight. Ahh, how I long for the wonderful Swedish summer!

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