Hampton Court Palace


Partly because of the gardens, my parents and I also visited Hampton Court Palace when they were in town.



It was actually Henry’s (VIII) adviser Thomas Wolsey that built the Tudor palace that was later taken over as residence for the king.



It is incredibly large with several courtyards and a large garden and although it is very interesting walking around here we were a bit overwhelmed to walk around the whole place and chose the parts we were most interested in; the garden and the kitchens.




Unfortunately it was raining when we looked around the garden, so it wasn’t as pretty as it can be with the sun shining, but still very pretty.


The kitchens had lots of props trying to make them look used, but I think I would have enjoyed looking at them without the props even more, but maybe that’s just me, wanting things to be ‘real’. Definitely worth a visit regardless.

Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9AU


2 thoughts on “Hampton Court Palace

  1. I live in Kingston so I happen to spend some of my weekend afternoons there, in the gardens or walking on the lovely riverside.

    It is actually very important place food-wise as well as Henry VIII was the first monarch to introduce women in the kitchen (a woman who did his favourite pudding). Also he had some very busy cooks: Henry VIII was so wealthy he fed his entire court (more than 600 people) meat, wine and beer every day. The kitchen were more than 3,000 square mt and host six fireplaces. In site there is a very good guided tour which takes you through all of this. Recommended 🙂

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