Kensington Roof Gardens


When my parents were visiting two weeks ago we got to see and do (and eat!) a lot, and now that I have told you all about my weekend in Gothenburg I’ll go back to telling you about what we did in London.


I really love living here and I especially like the fact that it is, just like in any other large city, impossible to get board. New things pop up or old things change so there is always something to see and do.


My gardening afficionado of a mother really wanted to visit the Kensington Roof Gardens and I must say I enjoyed the visit just as much, although we didn’t visit the restaurant.


Instead we admired the view and petted the flamingos and walked around the impressive garden (it is much bigger than you think!).

Kensington Roof Gardens,99 Kensington High St  London, Greater London W8 5SA

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