Breakfast at Megan’s.


Last weekend I finally got to try Megan’s, that my flatmates rave about all the time. It’s located in the Fulham end of Kings Road and just a walk away from the flat.

I took my parents here for breakfast and we all enjoyed the rustic feel to the place. And the food of course.

Daddy had the full English and wasn’t very hungry for the rest of the day. It came – as it should – with baked beans, fried eggs, mushrooms, sausage, bacon, tomatoes and toast. All fresh and nice.


I can never resist an Eggs Benedict so that’s what I had, although this was a more modern version of it. It was toasted sourdough instead of the muffin, and cured ham instead of cooked or smoked and with the addition of rocket for freshness. The eggs were perfectly poached and the quite thin hollandaise felt quite light and airy and had a nice flavour to it. So I was very happy!


Mummy, who wasn’t all that hungry had the scrambled eggs, and that is the most dofficult thing for restaurants get right. Maybe because everybody has different preference.

These were a bit to dry for our liking, but they were still quite good. With her croissant mum tried the different jams that was placed on the table – a nice touch.


Having breakfast here is a bit like having a very well cooked homemade meal somewhere else. It is not gourmet, but fresh, good produce and tasty. And so nice when you can’t be bothered to cook yourself!

Megan’s Restaurant & Deli
571 Kings Road, London SW6 2EB

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