Cherry cheesecake

I had a moment (maybe a few even) of panic when I stood in the supermarket with my shopping list and they didn’t have any passionfruits. I even asked a guy unpacking fruit and he confirmed they didn’t have any. I still think it strange, but there in the shop I thought it super annoying and I quickly had to come up with a plan B. Luckily I found a punnet of nice juicy cherries and a jar of cherry jam which saved the day.

Using jam in a cheesecake seems a bit odd, I know, but it really worked. It wasn’t a pungent cherry flavour, more a mellow reminder of cherries, that really worked I thought. And all my co-workers as they were pretty quick to finish the whole thing. Phew!

Cherry cheesecake, serves 8-10


200 g digestive biscuits

70 g softened butter

Filling 1:

300 g Philadelphia

50 ml light brown muscovado sugar

1 egg

200 g cherry jam (remove the berries/chunks)

2 tbsp milk

1 tsp agar agar

Filling 2:

250 g creme fraiche

1 1/2 tsp vanilla

3-4 tbsp agave nectar


200 g fresh cherries

icing sugar

Place biscuits and butter in a food processor and mix. Press the sandy mixture into a springform. Bake the base for 10 minutes in 175C. Leave to cool.

Mix Philadelphia, sugar, egg and jam with an electric whisk. Heat up the milk and agar agar in a saucepan and let it cook for a few minutes until the agar agar has melted. Incorporate into the cheese mixture. Pour the mixture into the cake tin and spread it out evenly. Bake for 15 minutes in 175C.

Mix creme fraiche, vanilla and agave in a bowl. Spread the mixture onto the baked cake, evenly and bake for another 5 minutes.

Place in fridge over night or at least for 3 hours so it can set properly. Decorate with fresh cherries and icing sugar.

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