Dinner at Le Sacre Coeur, Islington



When Laura’s mum and friend came to visit, I got the meet them together with Jess and Chris for supper at Le Sacre Ceour in Islington. It was Jess’s restaurant recommendation, and I have heard quite a lot about this place, so it was nice to finally go there for supper.

I can honestly say, that it looks a big scruffy from the outside, although very cosy with lots of candles. We sat down and shared a few bottles of their Blanc de Blanc and some starters.



Most of us chose mussels to start, and we had the choice of classic Moules Mariniere, another creamy version but with garlic and the tomato-ey Moules Provencale. I chose the classic mariniere and was really impressed with the quality of the mussels. They were really big and juicy and the creamy sauce was really nice too.



A few others had the baby squid in a spicy tomato sauce, so good they mopped up all the sauce with bread to enjoy every drop.



The maincourses were also good and most of them carb-heavy and comforting. Above is beef Wellington with pommes Anna which looked really nice and indulgent.



But the one who’s plate I was the most envious of was Laura’s mother who had lamb racks wrapped in puff pastry (halleluja) with potatoes au gratin and red cabbage.



I had an extremely tender and lovely rabbit casserole with potato mash. Really nice!



Jess and Laura had the dish Jess orders every time she goes here (and I think that’s pretty often); swordfish with a creamy white wine sauce. It looked really good and I would like to try it one day too.


Le Sacre Coeur
18 Theberton Street 
London N1 0QX
Tel: 020 7354 2618


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