A Finnish-British christmas meal

On Saturday a few of us gathered at Anna and Ian’s for a Christmas dinner among friends. The two hosts decided to have a little cook off and to serve traditional food from both Finland (where Anna is from) and Britain.

The meal was utterly delicious and we definitely have two winners in the cook off! Thanks guys!

We started off with some nibbles. Both smoked salmon on rye bread and this smoked reindeer meat that Anna’s mother brought with her from Finland, on rye bread.

The main course was a smorgasbord of dishes; lovely moist turkey with homemade stuffing and wrapped in pancetta, roast potatoes, sausages wrapped in bacon, juicy mustard glazed ham, Finnish Christmas box (puréed potatoes and parsnips baked in the oven and a lovely sallad with pickled beetroots (the Scandi way with acetic acid instead of vinegar) and potatoes. Needless to say we ate in silence for a few minutes and just enjoyed the food.

After a short break I prepared my mother’s version of Glace au Four (Baked Alaska), and because it contains icecream we had to eat it pretty quickly. After another little break we had recovered enough to dig in to the cheesecake Jenny had brought as well.

Thank you and Happy Christmas to the hosts; Anna and Ian:

Photo: Jenny Mills

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