Delicious quesadillas with chorizo, pickled hot peppers and spinach

One of the most fulfillinh feelings I can think of, associated with food, is actually not that of content after a delicious meal, but when I manage to create a lovely supper out of only leftovers. Not throwing food away is something my mother has always preached but in my teens and early twenties, it was difficult for me to eat leftovers. It was totally silly, but I just couldn’t do it, as it never tasted as nice as when it was just cooked. Since then I have learnt that ‘my thing’ is to transform leftovers into a new meal or if it is a lasange or pasta bake, have them as they are the next day.

So this is such a good feeling for me, overcoming wasting food, and now creating whole dinners out of only leftover food.

These quesadillas are a great example. We had tortillas left after a pulled pork feast, pickled hot peppers leftover from when I made a sauce, chorizo that needed to be eaten because it had been opened for a week, and spinach that was on the verge of wilting in its bag. Oh, and some left over cream cheese from a cheesecake and grated cheese that almost had gone a bit dry.

Throw all this into quesadillas, fry them in butter, which is oh so important for the flavour and serve either as they are as a simple supper or together with a soup. I managed to make a green pea soup out of leftovers as well, even using up some old white wine. Love it!

Quesadillas with chorizo , pickled hot peppers and baby spinach, serves 2-3

6soft wheat tortillas

3 tbsp cream cheese

150-200 ml grated cheese, I used Monterey Jack because I like the way it melts

9 slices chorizo

6-7 small pickled hot peppers, halved

baby spinach

2 tbsp butter for frying

Spread the cream cheese onto all the tortillas. Distribute grated cheese, chorizo, peppera and spinach on 3 of the tortillas. Place the plainer ones on top. Melt the butter (and perhaps some oil) in a large frying pan and fry the quesadillas on both sides until golden brown and crisp and until the cheese has melted on the inside. Cut every quesadillas in six wedges and serve straight away. 

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