The best pasta with prawns

This recipe is from one of my favourite Swedish food blogs, called Smaskens. This pasta dish is fabulous although it is quite easy to make. The secret is good stock, and it is very easy to make your own prawn stock.

Since I made it the first time, I never throw prawn shells away, instead I freeze them and use them for stock.

Luxorious pasta with prawns, serves 4

linguini or spaghetti for 4 people

50 ml white wine

100 ml homemade prawn stock

200 ml creme fraiche

2 garlic cloves, pressed

nutmeg after taste

sea salt after taste

300 g Icelandic prawns

Cook the pasta and keep some of the water if you need it for the sauce. Mix wine, stoc, creme fraiche and garlic in a pan. Bring to the boil and reduce until creamy. Add nutmeg, salt and prawns. Throw in the drained pasta and some of the pasta water if needed. Serve with black pepper and parmesan.

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