Atmosfär, Malmö, Sweden

When Christopher and I went to Sweden the last weekend in May, we were lucky to get an extra day there because of the UK bank holiday Monday. It was a regular working day in Sweden, so we went with dad to Malmö and had a lovely day there before heading to the airport in Copenhagen. (Yes, I fly to a different country than my own when I go home, the bridge and tunnel makes the journey over to Sweden really quick – 12 mins by train). In Malmö we went shopping, had a nice lunch and icecream. That’s my idea of a nice day off!

The two males went for the beef with mustardy potato salad and loved it. After a weekend full of eating I chose the Caesar salad, which was massive and lovely. It had some bulgur wheat in the bottom to make it more filling, but that was a bit OTT, I could only finish half of it anyway. Apart from the main courses they serve you a bowl of soup and lovely homemade bread at the start of the meal, so you won’t risk leaving here unsatisfied.

Atmosfär is good value for money, great service and although the restaurant usually is full up I have always gotten a table here.

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