A pressie for the kitchen

My lovely pressie: a Le Creuset pot for utensils, next to the olive oil from Borough Market

On Friday my best friend and her fiancée came to stay, and we had a lovely weekend together. And I’m not just saying that because they brought Swedish pick ‘n mix and a lovely gift with them, but because we always have a great time together.

We managed to get a table at Terroirs on Friday and shared a bottle of Prosecco before we went home and had a nice dinner. We had an early night so we could get up early and beat the crowds to Borough Market. It is lovely to be there early and not have to fight your way through. It is just impossible not to buy anything here, so Madagascan vanilla pods, comte cheese, goose fat, lovely olive oil and dried fried onions came with me home, and Claes bought a lovely bottle of red for our dinner. We then took a stroll on Marylebone high street and stopped for lunch, and because the sun was shining we took another stroll on the Southbank and walked from Westminster to London Bridge. Afterwards it was nice to chill in the pub and watch the rugby. We were pretty tired when we finally sat down for dinner at home. And in the middle of it, I started to feel really rubbish. Feverish and tummy ache. Again. Not the best way to end the evening, and unfortunately I wasn’t feeling too good yesterday either, so we had to skip the brunch at York and Albany, sob. But feeling better after day in bed and a good night’s sleep. Just really bad timing… But we managed to have a great weekend together regardless, the important thing is the company!

4 thoughts on “A pressie for the kitchen

  1. Hey you should’ve come said hi to me I was working Saturday! Your utensils pot is beautiful, jealous, I’m currently storing mine in an ugly flower vase, clearly I need to befriend people who give me better gifts!

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