NYE 2010 – the dessert

My favourite dessert is without a doubt creme brulée! That’s why I was so happy when I got a creme brûlée torch for Christmas from my parents. I was really keen to try it out as soon as possible and that’s the reason why we had creme brûlée for dessert on New Year’s Eve. Not that anyone was complaining… 😉

I worked a half day on NYE and to avoid being stressed in the evening I made these the night before, put them in the fridge over night, took them out a few hours before serving and caramelized the sugar with my torch just before serving.

Receptet hittar ni här från Tinas mat, men jag uteslöt kardemumman.

Vanilla creme brûlée, serves 4-6

5 egg yolks

100 ml caster sugar

350 ml cream

150 ml milk

1 vanilla pod

2 tbsp caster sugar

Turn on the oven on 110C. Bring the cream and milk to a boil. Cut the vanilla pod in half lengthways and add it to the cream mixture. Stir the yolks and the sugar – don’t beat it! Pour the cream mixture over the egg mixture and stir (don’t beat or whisk) until the sugar has dissolved. Take out the vanilla pod.

Pour into baking dishes/ramekins and bake for 35-40 min (my oven needed about 1 hour). Sprinkle the caster sugar on top and use a torch to caramelize it or put them under the grill. Serve!

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