Parma parcels, fresh figs and crema di balsamico

I love to eat tapas-style food, without it having to be Spanish food at all. Sharing plates of food with friends makes me happy!

This is a recipe I found in a Swedish cookbook by Monika Ahlberg. It is dead simple but very tasty. As Malin said: “It tastes very advanced.”

Parma parcels with sundried tomatoes with fresh figs and crema di balsamico

1 packet parma ham

100-150 g cream cheese

5-8 sundried (or even better: sunblush) tomatoes in oil

a few fresh figs

balsamic glaze (crema di balsamico)

Chop the tomatoes roughly and mix with the cheese. Place a dollop of the cheese on every parma slice and fold into small parcels. Place these randomly on a plate. Cut the figs into wedges and place on the same plate. Drizzle balsamic glaze over the plate, serve with bread.

In the original recipe Monika place black olives on the plate as well. I do that sometimes, or it works just as well with pimiento olives, or like here, completely without.

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