Trinity again

Monday mornings are not my favourite, and I always struggle to change from weekend mode to work week mode. That is probably the reason why I forgot the cable for my camera this morning and can’t upload any photos.

Instead I will tell you about that lovely place Trinity I keep mentioning. Malin came to visit us for the weekend and since I have mentioned this amazing restaurant to her a few times she was very keen to go. So yesterday we treated ourselves to their Sunday lunch. 3 courses for £25!

It is great that it takes me 10 minutes to walk there, but I would happily trek across London to enjoy their food!

It took as a while to decide on what to eat because the menu was so good. Especially the dessert section looked better than ever before. We started off by choosing different starters. Malin went for the Welsh rarebit with a nice strong mustard and pickled onions. It was nicely presented on a wooden board. Christopher chose the starter most men in the restaurant seem to choose: a charcuterie platter with duck hearts, foie gras mousse, rabbit terrine, bacon and homemade pickled. Served on a lovely board of black stone and with some toasted sourdough bread. I chose deep-fried sand eels with deviled aioli. It was also served on a piece of stone, but mina had a lighter colour. The aioli was served in a nice ceramic pot and they had sprinkled some crackling on top for crunch. Absolutely divine. I could have eaten that aioli as it was, spoon by spoon, but I managed to resist…

For mains Malin and I went for tagliatelle with girolles, peas and parmesan and it was divine. The spaghetti was soft and nearly melted in your mouth, the buttered girolles were lovely together with the parmesan and the light sauce it was served with. Christopher had the traditional roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, horseradish and gravy. The meat looked perfectly cooked and Christopher said it was even better than last time he had it.

We were all really full after the maincourses, but still in the mood for dessert. Malin and I both chose the duck egg crème brulee served in a low ramekin with a round sheet of caramelized sugar balancing on top of it instead of caramelizing the actual crème, very clever. It looked amazing and the crème was velvety smooth with lots of black vanilla spots. The caramelized sugar looked very nice and tasted good too, but there was a bit too much of it for my liking, it got a bit too sweet. Chris chose a Wigmore cheesecake, and since Wigmore is one of my favourite cheeses I had to try it. It was lovely, tasted quite strong from the cheese but was very smooth. It was served with a poire granité that didn’t taste very much but other than that we were all extremely happy with the meal in full.

Malin was kind enough to buy us the cookbook How to eat in, and we had a flick through it yesterday and are very excited to recreate some of the things we have eaten at Trinity. The recipe of their bread, which I forgot to mention, is in it. It looks quite difficult, but the bread is so good it will be worth it. It is always served warm from the oven and is nice and crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. We always have two rolls each even if we shouldn’t… Just can’t help it! 🙂

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