New York: Baseball

Our last evening in the big apple was the third game in the row between New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. The teams had won one game each which made this a big game. Claes was super excited and although excited, Emma and I were a little bit calmer.

But it was such a cool experience to go and see this baseball game. It is just sooo American and we loved the atmosphere. First the subway ride there with everyone in a Yankee jersey from the age of 3 to 75, youngsters going with their grandparents, some people going alone and some whole families going.

The stadium was also impressive and it was full this particular evening, of around 47, 000 people. When Yankees made a homerun everyone cheered and it was just amazing.

Being hangover this day we also really appreciated the food. We had lots of nachos with lots of guacemole, hot dogs, coke and beer, popcorn and sweets. The Yankees one and this was so the perfect activity for a Sunday evening and also our last evening in the city.

The first plate of nachos.

One of many vendors coming to your seat this various edible things (they sold beer, ice cream, peanuts etc). Good service but quite annoying when trying to watch the game.

The game has finishes and Yankees won.