Paul A. Young fine chocolates in Soho

Last Friday when Jenny and I were out and about in Soho, we stumbled upon the new Paul A. Young shop, just a few days after I had read about the chocolaterie in Time Out. The shop was gorgeous with a large round table in the middle of the room showing the different kinds of truffles. There were certainly interesting flavours like the Marmite truffle, that we were told a food writer from the Times challenged them to create. I suspect we were speaking with Paul himself even, and he told us what a difficult process it was to find the right combination of flavour and chocolate. Other interesting flavours were tarragon, tomato and basil etc.

I bought a few truffles to try, but I stuck the more traditional ones such as champagne truffle, and the flavours I know I like; the combination of salty and sweet like the sea salt caramel truffle. One wild card though, a dark chocolate truffle with tahini.

My verdict reflects more upon me than the chocolate; I really enjoyed the champagne truffle and the salted caramel which was divine and I prefer those flavours to the more intersting ones. The salty nut cluster was nice, but a bit too bitter in the aftertaste, and the tahini truffle did taste of tahini, it was just not a combination i enjoyed very much.

You can still tell how skillful the people making these truffles are though, these are the most pretty chocolates I have ever seen, and although it might not be for everyone, it is fun to try new combinations of flavours, and it makes a great gift.