Scandi tip #20: Crime authors

Almost as much I as I love to cook and bake, and more importantly eat, I enjoy reading crime novels. Anything from Raymond Chandler to Jo Nesbo and anything in between.

Scandinavian crime has become its own (sub?) genre, especially after the success with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo triology. I have read several Scandinavian crime authors back in Sweden and I have noticed that quite a few of those authors have been translated into English.

My favourite Swedish crime novelist is without a doubt Håkan Nesser, who actually lives here in London. I so wish I would bump into him one day, but that hasn’t happened yet. He has written many books, and not just crime novels. His most famous book series is about inspector van Veeteren and I highly recommend all the books, just read them in the right order.

After he finished that series he wrote three books about a more humourous policeman named Barbarotti and since then he has written novels set in both New York and London.

The reason why I love his books is in the way he writes as much as the story he is telling.

It is for that same reason that I really enjoy Jo Nesbø, who’s main character is the drunkard Harry Hole and who’s books are set in Oslo. His crime stories are really gruesome and you can’t put the book down until you have finished it.

Other good crime novelist I recommend are Camilla Läckberg, Karin Fossum, Mari Jungstedt and Åsa Larsson.