Grilled oysters

While home in Sweden I got into watching some of the summer programs on telly, and one TV chef called Tina Nordström cooked dinner with Swedish celebreties. In one program she met with a talk show host in the archipelagoa and put oysters on the barbecue. Something both me and my parents really wanted to try, so we did.

Dad was also great at opening the oysters and of course got to do the man-job and light the barbecue.

I really enjoy osysters, but this was the first time I had them warm, but it was just as nice as cold ones.

How to:

Fire up the barbecue and wait for the coal to warm up. Open the oysters and discard of the ‘lid’. Place the oysters directly on the hot coal and wait for them to heat up and shrink a little. Remove from heat and de-attach the oysters from the shells. Add lemon juice and 1-2 drops of tabasco.